2023 – Product Upgrade

BOLD Pods will launch a revolutionary product upgrade! The new ceramic core technology and 2.2 ml capacity make your experience more advanced and exceptional. Additionally, L-One will introduce disposable electronic cigarettes to cater to customers with different preferences. These include disposable e-cigarettes with 6000 puffs, 7500 puffs, and 11000 large puffs.

For consumers who seek convenience and affordability, L-One’s disposable e-cigarettes will launch products with 6000 puffs and 7500 puffs. The 6000 puffs product provides an affordable price, while the 7500 puffs product is more compact.

For users who prefer high-quality and high-experience, L-One will also launch a motogp-themed 11000 large puffs electronic cigarette. This e-cigarette is a perfect combination that will take your experience to a new level. It not only provides rich flavors but also brings intense smoke effects, allowing you to enjoy a more intense and unique experience.

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