2021 – Seafood Farms and Processing Plants

The Bailide Group has established a sea urchin farm in Dalian, China and a sturgeon farm in Qinghai. These strategic initiatives have expanded the group’s market share in the aquaculture industry, capitalizing on China’s growing demand for high-quality seafood products. Bailide Group’s sea urchin and sturgeon farms are committed to sustainability and innovation, producing high-quality seafood products in an environmentally friendly manner using the latest farming techniques.

In addition, the Bailide Group has also established a seafood processing plant in Dongguan, China. The plant processes various seafood products including fish, shrimp, and shellfish, using the latest processing technology to ensure the highest quality and freshness. By establishing these aquaculture and processing facilities, the Bailide Group has further expanded its influence in the food industry and strengthened its commitment to providing the highest quality and most innovative products.

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